January 17, 2011

Weekend Visits , New Glasses, & Plato's Closet

dress: Plato's Closet, shoes: Payless, cardigan: H&M, belt: Forever21

I had a great weekend, mainly because the Boyfriend came to visit for our anniversary. 2 wonderful years:) have flown by and this is only the beginning. 

I had to wear one of my favorite dresses. I love going to Plato's Closet. When I was in college, I went there all the time. This dress is from Banana Republic and I got it for only $18. I love finding bargains. Now that I'm home, I haven't been to that store since, but I would like to go. Now instead of being 5 minutes away, its more like 40 minutes. 

My new glasses are growing on me, but I still miss my old ones.


  1. Love it! What'd ya'll do for your anniversary?

  2. We just chilled the whole weekend, watched some movies, and cooked dinner.

  3. I love the dress!! It's really pretty, and such a good deal. Your new glasses look great on you!! We have a Plato's Closet close to my parents' house, but I never really got around to shopping there...I might have to check it out!


  4. Found you on Friend Friday - I absolutely LOVE that dress. What a great bargain!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  5. Plato's closet is awesome! I plan on going there this Saturday again with my sis...great prices and name brands...can't beat it.

  6. Such a cute look, I love love the tights with the shoes. Lovely blog :)

    Stay gorgeous!