January 31, 2011

30x30 Challenge Picks

I'm participating in this challenge.

It's real simple: pick 30 items in your wardrobe (including shoes) and remix only those items for 30 days.

Ah! The limitations!

Oh, and no shopping for those 30 days.

We all know how much I love to shop, so I thought why not participate.

Check Kendi's blog out, she's the one who started this whole thing.

I made a video and took pictures, it's night so that means the lighting is bad.

Forgive me.

I tried to load the video on here, wasn't working. Head over to my You-Tube channel to view the video here.

January 30, 2011

Day 12: A Guilty Pleasure

My guilty pleasure is The Real Housewives of Atlanta & Beverly Hills.

I know, I know, totally fluff.

But so addicting and hilarious.

Season finale of Atlanta tonight, then Tuesday it's part 2 of Beverly Hills reunion.

What will I do when it's over?

Probably something more productive, haha.


January 29, 2011

Day 11: A Song I want Played at My wedding (or was played)

I really have no clue what song I want played.

I know other things that I want, but that is not one of them.

I'll leave you instead with photos that inspire me for that special day (whenever that may happen).


Day 10: A Photo of Me recently

Christmas was great this year, because he was home:)

January 28, 2011

First Video

Just posted my first video on You-Tube!

Check it out here and don't forget to subscribe:)

Friend Friday: Blogger Mechanics

It's that time of the week again, Friend Friday! I haven't done anything this week, that is my excuse for the lack of outfit posts. But don't worry, next week starts the 30 for 30 challenge and that means I really need to pick out my items. In the mean time, I'm answering these questions and you should head over to Modly Chic for more on Friend Friday.

1. What technology do you use in blogging? (computer, camera, video
camera, tripod, etc...)

I have to be real creative to take pictures, because most of the time I'm by myself with no one to take a pic. I don't have a tripod, which means using books or other hard surfaces to balance my camera on. I so need a new camera! I just use my basic Kodak camera, which isn't the best. I use my 13 inch Macbook Pro for writing all my blog posts. I also sometimes use my iPhone 3 to take pictures.

2. What computer and online technology do you use? (blogging system,
photo storage, photo editing tools, etc..)

I sometimes use the website Picnik to edit my photos. I used Picnik to make my header. I want to learn Photoshop in the future. I store everything in iPhoto on my laptop.

3. What is your process for taking pictures?

I  just take a handful of pictures and then upload them to my computer. I choose the best ones and go from there to writing my posts.

4. When it comes to backdrops for your photos what do you consider? Do
you scout locations or shoot the same spot daily?

 I mainly stay in the same spots, since I'm doing it myself. If I am with other people, I look for a cool spot wherever we may be hanging out at.

5. If you could splurge and get one new piece of equipment what would
you be buying?

I want the Canon Rebel

January 27, 2011

Day 9: A Photo of Me over 10 Years ago

This picture makes me laugh, I was so not happy. This picture was taken in Rome, Italy, and yes I am a military kid. I was almost 2 and not happy things weren't going my way.

January 26, 2011

Day 8: A Photo I Took

Sometimes pictures don't turn out how you want, when you take it yourself. Fortunately this one did:) I love this pic because it was such a happy occasion.
He's the best:)

January 25, 2011


I have 2 announcements today.

First, I added two items to my shop today. If you haven't checked it out; well, check it out.

I probably will be adding some more things later this week.

Second, I made a You-Tube channel!

I really don't like being on camera, but being that this is a new year (yay for 2011!), I'm trying to step outside my comfort zone.

Also I've been watching a lot of You-tube videos lately, and I see how it is sometimes easier to explain things on video.

I may like it; I may not but, either way at least I tried it.

No videos yet, but they will be coming soon!

In the mean time, you can subscribe here.

Day 7: Five Things I couldn't Possibly Live Without

This list isn't in any particular order and I decided to not include people, but just keep to material things.

Macbook Pro


ESV Journal Bible

    Welch's Grape Juice

My Car, Hyundai Elantra


January 24, 2011

Girl's Night Out

I just came across this via Charee Lenee.

It's Shecky's Girl's Night Out, the ultimate shopping experience.

There is a cost for admission, but you do get a goodie bag with that, which is one of the things they're known for.

I've never been, but I'm thinking of checking it out, because they're coming to my city.

Check out the video on their site for more detail.



Day 6: A moment you wish you could relive


This is a tough one,but...

right now I'm feeling like I wish I could relive graduating high school.

It was the beginning of the best times of my life.

Now, I wish I could go back to those times, all I have right now is the hope that better days and memories will be made in the future. 


January 23, 2011

Cold Days & Zara

The past couple of days have been so cold! (Hence the indoor picture.)

I finally went to Zara this past week and I'm so happy I got the dress I saw online. I would like to go there more often, but then that means I have to go into the city and that's always an adventure.

Day 5: Favorite Quote

As you can see, I have this quote in my side bar. I like this quote because it just reminds me to stop worrying about the little things and enjoy life.

January 22, 2011

Day 4: Favorite Television Show(s)

Again, I have to pick a favorite!

Well I picked 2:)

The best fashion show on t.v.

 Season 8

I'm a Gleek!

A show that's a musical, count me in.

Watch it:)

January 21, 2011

Day 3: Favorite Book(s)

I love to read. How to choose one book is hard, but I did it!
Seriously though, go read this series.

January 20, 2011

Day 2: Favorite Movie

Like I said the day before, it is hard for me to choose a favorite because it changes all the time. Well, with movies it's the same thing. I love musicals, so it would make sense that my favorite movie is a musical.

Love it!

Create until Your Heart's Content

I am not that into makeup, but I want to be. That may seem weird, but I see people with their makeup looking so nice and I think to myself, I want to do that too. But then, I just never take the time to do it. There was a brief time during college, where I would wear eyeliner and mascara everyday but then I stopped. Lately I've been watching makeup tutorials on YouTube to get tips. Don't you just love YouTube? You an find great tutorials on there about pretty much everything. Anyways, I've been wanting a eyeshadow palette for awhile now, but most are expensive (at least to me).  My sister, who loves makeup and is great at it, told me about this place where she got hers for only $18.95. I haven't gotten it yet, but is she says it's good and if she says good, well I believe that it's good. They have lots of different makeup products on their website. The palette she has is the 88 Original Palette, but they also have other palettes as well. I will definitely be purchasing this item in the near future.

image via Google images

January 19, 2011

Day 1: Favorite Song

I have so many favorite songs it's hard to choose just one. But if I must choose, right now at this moment my favorite is Change in the Making by Addison Road. This song is pretty much the motto of my life at this moment.

Hello Kitty

When I was younger, I loved Hello Kitty. Now as an adult, guess what, I still love Hello Kitty. All I have now to show my love for Hello Kitty is an awesome sweater I have from H&M with a her face on it. It's one of my favorite sweaters. Well, yesterday Sephora released its new Hello Kitty collection. It's pretty much awesome and if I had money I would head over there right now a purchase some of those lovely products.  Here are some of the products that I would like to have from this new line.

apple lip balm $9

charmmy eyeshadow stick $16

say hello palette happy fun $35

January 18, 2011

30 Day Challenge

Being that this is a new year, I want to blog more,  I mainly focus on my fashion blog. I found this 30 day challenge on Love Peace Lauren  and decided to do it myself, just to get me to blog more here.

Day 1: A favorite song.
Day 2: A favorite movie.
Day 3: A favorite book.
Day 4: A favorite television program.
Day 5: A favorite quote.
Day 6: A moment you wish you could relive.
Day 7: Five things you couldn't possibly live without.
Day 8: A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life.
Day 9: A photo you took.
Day 10: A photo of you taken over ten years ago.
Day 11: A photo of you taken recently.
Day 12: A song that you want played at your wedding(or was played).
Day 13: A guilty pleasure.
Day 14: A vacation you would like to take.
Day 15: A person you admire.
Day 16: A song that makes you cry.
Day 17: An art piece.
Day 18: A time when you felt passionate and alive.
Day 19: A talent of yours.
Day 20: A hobby of yours.
Day 21: Something you know you do differently than most people.
Day 22: A website.
Day 23: A way in which you want to be remembered.
Day 24: A movie no one would expect you to love.
Day 25: A recipe.
Day 26: A childhood memory.
Day 27: A physical feature you love.
Day 28: A scar you have and it's story.
Day 29: Hopes, dreams and plans you have for the next 365 days.
Day 30: A motto or philosophy.

My Favorites: Golden Globes 2011

Kyra Sedgwick in Emilio Pucci

Catherine Zeta-Jones in Monique Lhuillier

Mila Kunis in Vera Wang

Carrie Underwoodin Badgley Mischka Couture

all images via style.com

January 17, 2011

Weekend Visits , New Glasses, & Plato's Closet

dress: Plato's Closet, shoes: Payless, cardigan: H&M, belt: Forever21

I had a great weekend, mainly because the Boyfriend came to visit for our anniversary. 2 wonderful years:) have flown by and this is only the beginning. 

I had to wear one of my favorite dresses. I love going to Plato's Closet. When I was in college, I went there all the time. This dress is from Banana Republic and I got it for only $18. I love finding bargains. Now that I'm home, I haven't been to that store since, but I would like to go. Now instead of being 5 minutes away, its more like 40 minutes. 

My new glasses are growing on me, but I still miss my old ones.

January 14, 2011

Friend Friday

I just recently joined this group created by ModlyChic called Friend Friday, hence the name of this post. Every Friday, there is a new set of questions for us bloggers to answer. I don't know if I'm going to do this every Friday, but it will be something you may see every Friday to learn more interesting things about me. If you want to join in on the action go here to find out more information.

This week's topic is Planning Outfits!

1. How do you determine what you will wear that day? 

I just go to my closet and stare at it until I see something I want to wear, then I add pieces until I have an outfit. Sometimes I already have an outfit in mind and try it on and if it doesn't work, I tweak it until it does.

2. Do you plan outfits out in advance for a whole week, month,
I never plan outfits unless I'm going on a trip.

3. Do you have any specific way of tracking outfits and items already
worn so you don't repeat?

I really don't track my outfits, I just remember if I've been wearing something often to maybe wear something else.

4. How do you discover new combinations of items in your closet?
(Trial try-ons?  Hanging items together?)

I just have a day where I try on different outfits and come up with new looks.

5. To streamline the process for 2011 what is one new thing you can do
to cut down your dressing time? 

I would like to get back to planning my outfit the night before like I used to in college. It makes getting ready so much faster in the mornings. 

January 12, 2011

I Just Can't Wait

Lately, I've been watching a lot of home design shows and I'm realizing more an more that I love all things that have to do with design. It can be fashion or home, doesn't matter I love it. I can't wait to one day have my own place and decorate it. I was browsing over on House Beautiful and came across these pictures that inspired me.

Courtesy of House Beautiful

Courtesy of House Beautiful

Courtesy of House Beautiful

Courtesy of House Beautiful

January 10, 2011

Giveaways Are the Best

So my day was filled with spending it with my sister at the mall and then back home to only break my glasses within a couple of minutes. I can't believe it! They were unfix-able. Anyways I headed to Lenscrafters and got some Donna Karen glasses, got to love the 1 hour service. 

bye bye glasses

I don't know if you heard of Totally Tessa, but I love her blog. She has such a great style. She has a giveaway for this awesome scarf. Go enter for it and maybe follow her blog too.

January 9, 2011

It's Time to Wake Up

I don't know if anyone else feels like I do, but I get slightly annoyed how fast time moves. Seriously, why does it have to move so fast? Already one week has past by in this brand new year. I need time to chill for a second, but unfortunately that is not happening. Now, I have said many times I am going to do this or do that and sadly, it hasn't happened. But 2011 is going to be different. Do you want to know why? Well, I'm going to tell why,  it's because I'm sick of wasting my life. No one knows when their life is going to end or when our time here on earth is done. I think that means I needed to stop worrying about the little stuff and look at the big picture. What am I here for? I'm here to let my light shine and further the kingdom of God.  The main thing I need to do is to stop being lazy and do something about it. Nothing ever happens without some work and this is a part of life in general. I don't know what's going to happen this year, I do know what I want to happen and it may not, but my life is in God's hands. Now after that little blurb of what's been going on in my head, here's my 11 goals of 2011. I only picked 11 because, well the 11 at the end of 2011, lame I know but hey it works for me.

  1. Read through the Bible in 1 year.
  2. Grow in my prayer life
  3. Invest time into someone else
  4. Write down one thing I'm thankful for everyday
  5. Stop worrying
  6. Exercise weekly
  7. Get to bed earlier
  8. Watch less television
  9. Do 2 things off my 30 Before 30 list
  10. Start developing my business
  11. Tell others about Him

January 7, 2011

Playing Dress Up

skirt & headband:forever21, tank & ring: charlotte russe, shoes: payless, cotton blazer: miley cyrus/max azria

I didn't go anywhere today, but I decided to play dress up just for fun. Why not be a kid for a day? I love my tulle skirt, but I don't wear it often because it never seems to go with the occasion. Since you know already that I love sequins, you might as well know that I love bows. I have several bow headbands, but this is my favorite.

I'm also wearing a bow ring from Charlotte Russe similar to this one, except black.
Tonight, I don't have any plans except for watching the new season of Say Yes to the Dress and Four Weddings. :-)  Oh and I should have mentioned by now that I've been participating in Feminine Fashion Week. Today is the last day, I'm late with telling you about it, but better late than never. I'm sure there will be another one in the future.

January 6, 2011

Long Hair and Belting Techniques

cardigan: jcrew, tank: f21, jeans:aeropostale, belt:grandmother's, headband: yellow elm, ring: charlotte russe

I am so happy the way my clip on extensions turned out. I love being able to change up my look and they’re so comfortable. I also tried out the belting technique that Sydney has on The Daybook.Oh and isn't this ring so huge? I purchased it online and didn't realize that it was this big, but it grew on me.