December 1, 2010

One Month Later and This is Just the Beginning

Wow, this month flew by really fast. This makes makes me really happy because it means only 2 weeks until I see T.J.! Okay well that's off the subject, but I just got excited(-:
There were definitely moments of temptation throughout this month. I so wanted Taco Bell several times, but I resisted. Also during the holiday, I did drink soda but either than that I did not drink soda. I think that this is a good start to me on the path of a healthier lifestyle. I definitely missed Taco Bell (my favorite place, can you tell?) but I didn't really miss all the other places. And I definitely saved some money. I didn't keep track of that, probably would have been a good idea, oh well. Oh, and about the exercising part...that was an epic fail. I only did something one day. I need some motivation to work out. Any ideas? Exercising is so important, I know, but it's no fun. Maybe I need to find a partner, we could motivate each other to get out there. I made a list of all the things I started during this month of fasting from fast food.
1. No fast food
2. Ate breakfast almost everyday
3. Starting drinking more water
4. Started to go to sleep earlier

I hope that I can continue to improve on all these things plus exercise. Maybe my fast has motivated you to make some changes toward a healthier you or maybe it hasn't, either way I feel better overall since I actually accomplished this goal.


  1. Good stuff Kaylin. Things we could all use. BTW, Taco Bell is too confusing to me. Too many choices, and I never know what to get. Didn't know that about you:) Really enjoyed your post! ~PM

  2. That's why I love Taco Bell, you can always try something new:)