November 1, 2010

Operation A Healthier Me

Last week as I bit into a juicy burger for lunch, I felt sick to my stomach. For some reason I couldn't finish it, despite my craving for it just moments before. All in that one moment I questioned the reason why I ate things that were not good for me. But it's so good, I tell myself. (: It is so good but I know I need to be a lot healthier than I am now, because one day in the future it will all catch up to me. After reading about my friend's fast from fast food ( check out her blog,, I decided to do my own fast. For one month I will be eating no fast food. Aah! This will be so hard because, I love fast food! Follow me throughout this month as I try to exercise and eat better. Maybe it will inspire you to do the same. (: Day 1 ends, 29 left!


  1. more power to ya!!! I don't know if I could do it! I'm a growing young man! lol

  2. Yayy!! Exciting! SO worth it. I still eat fast food every now and then, but I DEFINITELY don't eat it or like it like I used to!