October 19, 2010

The Basics Part 3: Shoes

In the previous post, I talked about what ever girl needs in her closet. I want to expand on the shoe section. I have always had a handbag fetish, but as I've gotten older I am so into shoes. I will always love my flats, but now all I'm wanting to get is heels. (: All of the following shoes are essential for building a basic shoe wardrobe. Get the style of shoes that you like. All these shoes are available on http://www.zappos.com.

Black pumps


-Metallic heels (2) I would get one in gold and silver.

Dressy sneaks

-Knee-high boots

Kitten heel pumps

All weather boots

Ankle boots

-Casual sandals (2) I love sandals like these.

Open toe pumps


Strappy heels. I have a pair similar to these, except they are black.


  1. You can keep the wedges and the dressy sneaks :-)

  2. come to the other side of the wedges:) they're amazing just try it

  3. I did try it...failure.