May 19, 2010


It's been almost two weeks since that much anticipated day of graduation has passed. That day went by so fast, it felt so surreal. 4 long years, which ironically wasn't long at all and its over. Now all I have is memories of the good times and the bad times (stressing about passing business stats). I know I'll miss this period of my life, but right now it feels so good to be finally done. I don't feel ready to face this next phase of my life, but life is short meaning that ready or not I must get ready for life.I'm just praying that God will give me a clue of what to do next. I know the two options but which one to take is the question. I just want to do something different and live life to the fullest.Easier said then done at times. Stay tuned...

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  1. Even though I haven't reached graduation phase yet, I'm still so excited to see what God has planned for these upcoming months/year of my life!! And yours too, who knows what He'll do... :)